How To Choose A Ride On Mower

A ride on mower is a great option if you have a large lawn area to keep tidy or if you have a physical disability that makes it difficult to manage with a traditional push mower.  Here's a guide to choosing a ride on mower that's most suitable for your circumstances.

Rear engine ride on mowers

If you're looking for a mower for basic lawn maintenance, a rear engine model is perfect.  Rear engine ride on mowers are narrower in design than their more powerful counterparts, which makes them best suited to smaller lawns and gardens where they are required to fit through narrow gateways.  You can easily use a rear engine ride on mower for jobs like trimming narrow strips of grass between flower borders or along the side of the house.

Lawn tractors

Tractor-style mowers have much larger engines than rear engine machines.  Their extra power capability means that they perform well on sloped lawns and can also be utilised to pull a small trailer filled with gardening equipment around your property.  This makes them very versatile and particularly useful if you have a property with large grounds to maintain.

Zero-turn ride on mowers

This type of ride on mower is much more easily manoeuvrable and faster than other varieties of ride on machines.  Zero-turn mowers are designed to turn on a sixpence, making them great for moving around a large lawn containing obstacles like flower beds or garden statues and water features.

Other features

Aside from engine size and power capabilities, there are other differences between the various types of ride on mowers which the buyer should take into consideration when choosing which model to buy.  Some of the newer models feature enhancements like cup-holders and even cruise control.

You can also opt for manual or automatic transmission engines depending on your preference.  Many people find automatic transmission mowers easier to drive, as there are no gears to worry about; although, they are more expensive to maintain and repair if something goes wrong.

Pretty much every model of ride on mower has the option to keep the grass clippings in a bag rather than leave them on the ground.  If you have a compost heap to 'feed', bagged clippings are probably preferable, and you don't have the extra work of raking your lawn clear of cuttings after you've finished mowing.

Power sources

These days, there are several different methods of powering a ride on mower to choose from.  Some make use of a traditional petrol engine whilst others use diesel.  Diesel is generally more efficient to run and therefore cheaper, which could be a consideration if you have a lot of lawn to mow frequently.  Many of the newer ride on mowers are electrically powered and run on a battery.  These are fine if you only have a small area to mow, but a limited battery capacity can be restrictive if you have a large lawn, as you'll have to cut your grass in stages whilst waiting for the battery recharge.

In conclusion

There are many different types of ride on mowers to choose from and the array of styles and functions can be bewildering.  Pay a visit to your local supplier for advice on what style of ride on mower would best suit your circumstances. For more information, contact a business such as Mower Accessories.