Ways Mulch Enhance a Yard

If you're looking for a way to upgrade your garden's health plus enhance its beauty, you could consider mulch. Find out ways it will improve your yard.

Retain Soil Moisture

Mulch helps to retain moisture within the topsoil and to prevent rain from evaporating. It will help to stop the garden from drying out over a hot summer. Some mulch options retain water better than others. For example, shredded bark is better than gravel in this respect. Ask your mulch delivery experts to recommend the best water-retaining option.

Stop Weeds Sprouting

Weeds not only look unsightly, but they also necessitate hours of backbreaking weeding. Mulch, however, helps to block these sprouts from ruining the garden beds. Make sure you stick to the recommended thickness for each mulch type. If you spread too much mulch, it can prevent oxygen from flowing through the base soil around the plants.

Decorate the Yard

Soil is not particularly attractive, so covering it with mulch will enhance the garden aesthetic. Stones are available in different sizes, from small pea gravel to large river pebbles. And you can choose from varied colours to give your garden beds an ornamental look. For example, combine cream, grey, gold, sand and blue stones. Another possibility, shredded bark, is available in hues like honey, red and chocolate brown, creating a warm textured surface. Hay and straw add a golden softness.

Add Nutrients

Some organic mulches decompose into the soil to boost its health. For example, shredded leaves imbue garden beds with trace minerals that encourage earthworms. Hay contains legumes and grasses that benefit the earth. You'll need to replenish organic mulch periodically, whereas non-organic options like gravel will last for years with an occasional top-up.

Use in Other Ways

You can also use mulch in other ways around the yard. For example, gravel and shredded bark form lovely natural trails which you can use to meander through the landscape. You can also add bark around play equipment like swings and slides to provide children with a soft landing should they fall.

Thus, mulch enhances a garden in various ways. It helps the soil to retain moisture and stops pesky weeds from ruining the landscape, creating unnecessary work. Mulch is an important landscape feature also, as the garden beds cover a wide area. The mulch colours and textures will enhance your garden's appeal. Additionally, you can use mulch in other places, like pathways and play areas. Reach out to a professional to arrange for a mulch delivery