Why Buy Washed Sand for a Sand Pit?

If you've decided to buy or build a sand pit for your kids, then you need to fill it with a suitable grade of sand. You can't just fill the pit with any old thing; its contents need to be safe and child-friendly.

Typically, a fine grade washed sand is the best option here. Why is pre-washing so important?

Washed Sand Creates Less Mess

While kids happily play in any kind of sand, you won't necessarily be so happy with the end results after a play session with some lower-grade products. Sands that aren't pre-washed leave their marks on your kids and their clothes.

Unwashed sand usually still contains traces of iron oxide. This substance adds to your cleaning load. For example, iron oxide stains clothes. If your kids add water to a play session, or even if they simply get hot and sweaty as they play, then they'll get oxide stains on their skin. It'll probably also turn up on anything they're wearing. You'll have your work cut out getting these stains off. You also won't want to have to deal with stubborn stains every time your kids play in their sandpit.

Washed sand doesn't have this surface iron oxide layer. The washing process removes it. So, this pre-washed grade won't give you any extra cleaning headaches.

Washed Sand is Safer

Sand is basically tiny particles of rock and minerals. While its particles look small and insignificant, they can retain some sharpness even after they've been totally ground down. Rougher grades of unwashed cheaper sand may look all right. However, these products aren't necessarily safe for your kids to play with.

For a start, they may contain surface contaminants that your kids shouldn't be regularly exposed to. If the sand is washed, then the end product is clean of these substances. Plus, unwashed grades may retain some of their sharp edges. While sharp pieces of sand may not do much damage to your child generally, they can cause problems to vulnerable areas like the eyes. If your child has sand on their hands and rubs their eyes, then sharp particles could scratch the surface.

Washed sand is also exposed to pressure jets that take the sharp and rough areas off particles. This makes the sand softer and safer.

Local sand delivery companies can give you more advice on how to fill your pit with safe and clean products. They can also deliver the sand to your home to make things easier for you.