4 Things To Consider When Planning Where To Place Your Skip Bin

If you're planning to hire a bin for trash removals, there are a number of things you need to consider. These include: the size of bin to hire, what materials you're allowed to put in the bin and how long you need to hire the bin. Another crucial aspect of a bin hire is where you're going to have it placed upon delivery.

You need to deliberate on this beforehand to ensure the location is safe, convenient and even legal. Read on to learn more:

Ease of delivery & removal

One of the first considerations you should observe when determining where to have your bin placed, is the ease with which it can be delivered and picked up after you're done. Remember the bin is transported using a truck. The bin location should therefore not be blocked off by structures such as sheds, trees or vegetation. The bin truck should be able to drive in and out with ease.

Proximity to the work area

Another consideration when choosing where to have the bin placed is ease of loading. The bin should make your removal process easier. This means you shouldn't have to carry items far off before accessing your bin. This will not only be tiring, it will increase the amount of cleaning up you'll need to do after the bin has been collected. Ideally, the bin should be adjacent to the area your trash is coming from. For example, if dong a garage cleaning, have the bin placed near the garage entrance.  

Bin damage to your ground surfaces

You should also consider what effects the bin will have on the ground surface where it is placed. Skip bins are large and bulky. When loaded with trash, they will weigh quite a lot. If you have the bin placed on a delicate surface, you might be looking at repairs when the bin is finally removed. To prevent this, avoid placing bins on tiled or decked surfaces. Instead opt for tougher surfaces like concrete, asphalt, pavers or bare ground.

Council permits for bins placed outside property

If you want to have your bin placed outside, note that you may need local council approval first. This applies if you intend to place the bin on the road, on the sidewalks or on road reserves. Some bin hire companies will even help acquire the permits on your behalf. If a permit cannot be issued, the bin hire company may recommend other solutions such as mobile skip bins that may not require a permit.

By considering the above factors during your bin hire, you will avoid damage to your property, complications during handling or legal troubles with the local council. Instead, you will enjoy full convenience as you plan your removal process. To learn more, contact a company like C. Fulton Pty Ltd with any questions you have.